Alaska Adventure – Part 1

Hello Peppy folks how have you been? As some of you might know from my Instagram stories that I spent the Labor Day weekend in Alaska with my hubby and friends so here I am sharing some fun deets about all our adventure! I have also included a helpful checklist after the end of every activity we did just to make it easier for you guys!

We got ourselves enrolled for 3 crazy activities and one not so crazy while we were there in Alaska!!!! You’ll get brownie points for guessing which ones we did 😉
PS- No guesses for hiking though; haha, that being one of the major things we do whenever we travel to any new destination.

Jokes apart, HIKING was the first thing we did after reaching Seward, Alaska! Since the sun was out I decided on wearing a super cute knotted tee which I bought from Shein, paired it with brick red leggings from AloYoga and carried my forever favorite Russian doll backpack from Vendula London. And don’t worry I was prepared for the cold as well since I carried my Reflective Bomber Jacket with me!!!!

We chose to do the EXIT GLACIER HIKE  which is a 4-mile loop but we hiked 3.5 miles and decided to not go any further. Reason being that we drove from the airport at 4 am to our Airbnb and without getting any rest we started this hike. And we were super hungry as well lol

Nonetheless, this trail was very enchanting and beautiful, it started off with the vegetation and gradually while hiking up we were able to see the stunning glacier.

This hike was surely worth it for its beauty and the stunning glacier view………..


  • Comfortable clothing & hiking shoes
  • Water bottle/Camelbak
  • Protein bars/snacks
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses and sun hat
  • Bear spray and hiking bell


The 2nd activity we did was GLACIER KAYAKING in Aialik glacier. Let me tell you this that I am a superhydrophobic person, though I know how to swim!! Weird right?? But trust me deep water freaks me out!!! It was our Day2 in Seward, Alaska and we reached Liquid Adventures at 7 in the morning. I was nervous, scared to death but guess what I WAS IN for the deal!!!! Akhil, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to swim but isn’t scared of water either :/

We signed a waiver form with them, got our sexy waterproof boots and started on a boat with 10 other folks towards the Aialik glacier! They said it’s going to take about 2.5 hours to reach the point where we were supposed to start kayaking. Once we started sailing, the view was phenomenal and all I did was take a bunch of cool pictures for you guys 🙂

I was sporting a long sleeve top from Thrive Societe and Singbring waterproof hiking pants which I bought from Amazon with my go-to reflective jacket for cold weather!!!

Fun fact- I have never experienced seasickness and thought this will be a fun ride too but that day was not a lucky one for me! I started throwing up after an hour of being on the boat and the instructor was pretty amazing with sharing some ginger toffees with me which apparently makes your stomach feel better! I would say it did make me feel a li’l better but then the nervousness of kayaking seeped into my mind lol

Finally, the moment arrived when we stepped into our kayak and were in the game 😉

Do you see my nervous smile in the picture above? haha I was doing okayish for an hour but once we started kayaking closer to the Aialik glacier the wind made it worst for me! It was blowing at 20 mph and got difficult to paddle since our kayak got perpendicular to the waves which was not good. Our instructor came to the rescue and that’s when I stopped panicking! We were then provided with our lunch and it was really cool to join all 4 of the kayaks and eat in the middle of nowhere.

After enjoying our meal we started kayaking back to the shore which was again an hour of paddling. I was pretty tired and didn’t want to paddle at all but did we have a choice? lol Once we reached the shore I stopped panicking and got back to my happy self again 🙂


  • Waterproof clothing – rain pant, tee, and waterproof light jacket
  • Waterproof shoes are provided (if you have signed up with an adventure company)
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle (PS- Please do not drink a lot of water since it gets really hard to control your pee in the middle of the sea, talking from experience lol)
  • You’ll need a lot of strength in paddling so don’t give up!
  • Don’t panic if you are passing by small icebergs, your kayak won’t flip 😉
  • Be cautious and alert, you might see a seal or a sea animal haha
  • Wear a beanie/headband to keep your ears protected from the crazy wind


The 3rd activity we picked was the GLACIER HIKING which truly was an amazing experience. It was super easy and if you are scared that you’ll slip on the ice, trust me YOU WON’T!!! We did it on the Matanuska glacier which had breathtaking views…. Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂

I bet by now you are in love with this glacier and the views. Getting to this point with Nova Alaska Guides was an easy task! Their guides were really informative and experienced!

PS- Although after hiking on the glacier we realized that one can easily do it without the guides as well, all you need is glacier shoe chains and you are all set! For ice climbing, you’ll definitely need an instructor but not for the hike! You can surely save some good money here 😉

Sharing some more stunning shots because I really can’t get over these pictures 🙂
Wore my reflective bomber jacket which was quite a choice since the glacier and sunlight made it look even more beautiful!!!


  • Wear comfortable clothing preferable water proof
  • Good hiking shoes (shoe chains will be provided by the instructor)
  • Camelbak/Water bottle
  • Protein bars/snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • You don’t need a hat/beanie since the tour provides you with a sturdy helmet


Coming to the 4th activity which I did not enjoy as much and thus I won’t even recommend was the Denali bus tour. It requires a lot of patience because if you don’t really see the wildlife while you are on the bus the tour doesn’t get interesting for you. The view was beautiful with the snowcapped denali mountains but in terms of the wildlife we barely saw a bear and a moose! The fun part was clicking pictures at every stopping point haha

Outfit deets- Wore a red studded Koral top with AloYoga leggings and striking blue vest from Thrive Societe.
Featuring my favorite pom-pom beanie which I got all the way from Cusco, Peru.

Btw, this is just the first out of 3 Alaska blogs; rest 2 are coming up pretty soon!!!! Stay tuned and stay Peppy!!!!!!!!!!!